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Dreadlock Extensions

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Dreadlock Extensions

July 7, 2010 at 12:54pm

Dreadlock Extensions were created by Sabrina Carson of Braids By Sabrina in California. She designed these extensions for the person who doesn't have the time to grow their own dreads. Dreadlock extensions can be done in various lengths and widths to suite your personal style or need. These extensions grow in your own hair and can start the process of your own dreads. Whether curly, kinky, wavy, straight, or permed you can acheive the dreadlock extensions look with no damage to your own scalp or hair.
Dreadlock extensions also were created as a form of repair for those who had experienced breakage and thinning in the dreads that they grew. Sabrina created the extensions using Afro Bulk Human Hair. this is very expensive costing at least $23 a pack; it is the best hair to acheive the dreaded look. Because of our economy i opted to acheive the same look with the Afro Marley Braid, which is about $4 a pack. It is your choice which hair you prefer to purchase...I just want to make you aware of your choices.
To create the Dreadlock extensions I use Kanekolon Hair to braid your your about a half of inch down. This serves as the base or backbone of the extensions. Then I use the Afro Marley Braid or the Afro Bulk Human Hair to wrap the hair to its desired length. Color can be added to the tips or throughout the lock by wrapping it in the desired spot.
o maintain your Dreadlock Extensions you need to have a silk scarf if your extensions are short. If you get longer extensions then you need to purchase a silk bonnet. With longer dreads they tend to snag on cotton and thus can cause unraveling of your dreads. If you ever experience unraveling then immediately get them repaired. My repairs start off at $2 a dread based on the intensity of the repair. Whithin the first 2 weeks of having your Extensions done I would not wear a cotton shirt, unless you don't mind paying for the repairs.
You will either need to go to a stylist to have your dreadlock extensions shampood and coditioned or you can do it in your own shower. You will need to use a protein shampoo and conditioner for your scalp to maintain its nourishment. If you care for them at home then make sure to shampoo in between each lock and don't pull on the locks because this can cause breakage of your own hair, thus defeating on of the many purposes of the extensions. You can blow dry them or let them air dry. If you use a cotton towel then have someone on hand to help you so they can take out any lints. I recommend greasing the scalp with a vitamin hair grease or oil sheen. You don't need to use any other products on your dreadlock extensions.
Dreadlock extensions can be fun and easy to wear. You can also have them styled and pinned in Updos. They can be decorated with flowers barrettes and other hair accessories. My styles and updos start at $15. Styles and Updos are unique and created for you. Although I can imitate someone elses style for you, nothing is quite like your own.

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